Dear patients!

We have treated numerous patients with different impairments of the upper and lower extremities. A lot of international attention reached our lab with regard to the newly developed concept of elective amputation and subsequent prosthetic reconstruction. Various patients have received this kind of treatment with us, mainly after brachial plexopathy or extensive soft-tissue injury. However, the decision on amputation is not one that should be taken lightly but rather is the result of a process involving appointments in our multidisciplinary specialist clinic, talks with our psychologist and meetings with prosthetic technicians. While this obviously can’t be achieved in one visit, there are many patients also from abroad to receive this kind of treatment with us.

Many patients are reaching out to us for a variety of reasons, be it extremity loss, nerve injury, congenital limb deformity or similar disorders. Before arranging an appointment at our clinic, we like to make sure that it is sensible, in order to spare our patients unnecessary travel. For that reason, please provide the following information in an email to

  1. Date of the accident or first diagnosis.
  2. Detailed description of your injury/disorder, to your best knowledge (e.g. root involvement in plexopathy).
  3. Treatment you have received so far (inlcuding reports)
  4. If applicable:
    • Brachial plexopathy: a video of your arm, showing remaining function of hand, elbow and shoulder.
    • Amputation: pictures and X-rays of the stump and video of range of motion in the proximal joint.
    • Congenital deformity: pictures and X-rays of the limb.

Thank you for your cooperation!